Vintage 1876

The Old Army Original

Founded out of a dorm room on the campus of Texas A&M, Old Army Supply Co. has been serving squared-away Aggies for 20 years.


Natty Lightbulb

A long-held t-shirt tradition was threatened by the ResLife office that once approved it. That very night over a case of Natty, "Old Army Supply Co." was created to carry on the shirts.


Pass It Back

Seeing what Old Army Supply Co. was able to do, other dorms brought their most infamous shirts over.



With a reputation for preserving Old Army, the classic ftu was brought to OASC and resurrected - with some changes. It fast became the most circulated shirt in Aggieland.



For the first time, OASC pulled off the "Burn Night" shirt. A photo of Bonfire after Last Shift was turned into 600 shirts in a day. The tradition has carried on since.


Save Replant

Having already given Bonfire its most popular Bonfire t-shirt with "I Kill Trees", OASC handed off the rest of its Bonfire designs to Aggie Bonfire.


Don't Call it a Comeback

Since 2014, OASC made only one shirt a year - Bonfire's "Burn Night". Until a viral Facebook post asking "Does anybody remember these?" brought ftu back, and Old Army Supply Co. with it.

No, this is not a joke.
— t. Sip, esq.


T****, Our T****

Trademark this, sip.

We were just as surprised as you probably are to learn that the Austin College of Mimes - Main Campus trademarked "T****". We were even more surprised that they had the audacity to try to protect it.

Now, OASC is still fun, not some corporation. Our legal advice costs a beer and always begins with "this isn't legal advice, but..." So we're not about to roll in the slop over a t-shirt. But we're not just going to quit either.

After some downtime and materials research, we brought back "ftu" (again). Where once read "T****", you'll find a solid orange bar. Fabric, reinforced with a thin, weatherproof, flexible rubber membrane. Leave it solid orange, or write whatever word you want. Like "sip". Or "13-0". Our legal advisors say "this isn't legal advice, but write 'T****'".

ftu Detail