Burn Night

Since 2009, Old Army Supply Co. has made the Bonfire-motivated Aggies' Burn Night shirt.  In keeping with the spirit of Bonfire, we don't make it easy.



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The Burn Night Shirt

Every Bonfire is different. Our goal with the Burn Night shirt is to help represent every year. Wherever they go, participants, family, and Friends of the Fire can point to their fire proudly and talk about this year, even as they build toward the next.

The Last Shift Photo

We wait until Stack is complete.  After the very last log is wired in, we take a photo of the completed Stack with the Aggies who helped build it.  It's a pretty outstanding experience for us.  There's a lot of pride that assembles in front of that Stack.  Nobody wants the season to end, so nobody's in a hurry.  We probably should be, but we're not either.


Waiting until Stack is done leaves just a few days to turn the photo into the years' shirt.  So after the Aggies' have their Push Week, we have a push of our own.  We rush back to town, develop the photos, then design the shirt around the best one we find.  By sunrise, we've got a shirt fit to print.

Our partners commit every year to keeping Burn week open, and get to turning this around first thing.  They'll go clear into the day of Burn some years. If it's a cold night at Burn, you might even see steam when we open the boxes.